11 June 2007

You Can Take Me

I called this next thing a poem, but I'm not really sure whether is is or not.... any comments gladly received.

You can take me quick, you can take me slow
But whatever you do, please don’t go
From behind on all fours, or lay down side by side
But let me get on top, and I’ll give you a ride

I’ll cover your body in the sweetest of cream
And lick every inch, fulfill all of my dreams
I’ll drizzle the coolest of juice from a glass
Then please roll me over, and fuck me up the arse

You can slap me and pinch me, and pull on my hair
Take me to the limit, let’s just see if you dare
I want to find every nook, every cranny I can tease
Push your fist up my pussy, Oh Please Baby, Please

Scratch my back till it bleeds
Get me down on my knees
Keep me coming and coming
Ever tried Chinese Beads?

Get the gadgets and the toys, the restraints and the mask
Dominate me, be powerful, I’ll do all that you ask
Make me moan, make me groan, make me scream to dear God
When I’m sat on your face, with my hands on your knob

Fuck my hand and my mouth, then tease me till I beg
Stretch me and push me, hold me apart by my legs
I want to feel every inch of you pushed deep inside me
For services rendered there’s no charge, no such fee!

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