20 June 2007

Kenton the scardity c*nt cat

8 point randomness for today.

1. My beautiful friend Warren (look at the photo - I'm not lying - he really is that beautiful in real life too) is moving to the States later on this year, to make it as a big shot model in La La Land. Whilst I of course, wish him all the luck in the world, I trust he finishes writing his debut children’s book before he leaves about Kenton the scaredity c*nt cat. Not only does it have bestseller written all over it; just think of the merchandising possibilities… Kenton t-shirts, Kenton greeting cards, Kenton mugs and keyrings.

2. My friend Dorit is in a band. She has myspace. Listen to one of her songs Tell Me. It’s beautiful.

3. My normal Tuesday night Step instructor Dean has apparently fallen of his step (!) and twisted his poorly ankle. Tanya took last nights Step class instead – and managed to get my heart rate up to an average 153 with a max of 173. There was a mass of mambo’s, repeaters, kick and lunge, pendulums, and triple knees. Fantastic and great tunes. Cheers Tanya! Get better soon though Dean.

4. This is the office playlist this morning. Am finding myself humming along… how bizzarre.

5. Ajay (the official Spin master) slipped a new track into this mornings class. A complete work of genius, it consists of an uphill climb whilst “locking on” the abs and isolating the body (no momentum to help drive you up). It’s agonizingly painful – but managed to raise my heart rate up to an average 140 with a max of 171. Cheers Ajay, I now can’t feel my arse.

6. Food intake went ok yesterday. Till I got home. I polished off the other half of the Mummy-made Birthday cake and half a tube of Pringles for tea. Fuck it.

7. Got a letter confirming my death slide is at 2.30pm on Sunday 1st. There is a waist and chest harness, rig, helmet and gloves. I will be attached to a safety line and then the wire. Staff will bring me to a controlled stop at the bottom of the zip. Controlled? Can someone pass me a sick bag? And some Tenna lady pants please?

8. Matchmaker matchmaker find me a find, catch me a catch… Is it wrong that one of the reasons I am in the process of trying to set up one of my male friends with one of my female friends is to find out (in the fullness of time of course) just how good in bed he is? Is that wrong? Really? I think he is very attractive, and whilst I wouldn’t ever want anyone else other than Boo – I have always been curious to know whether my expectation of how good he would be is correct. Purely for research purposes of course. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

I have NO comment to point 8............

SJP said...

Dear lovely Anonymous
Without wishing to pry - is it to early to ask whether I'm right?!