27 June 2007

Run Fat Girl Run

Was overwhelmed this morning to see that my ex-Le Grande Fromage and The Most Powerful Man In Bookselling to boot, has kindly blogged my blog on his famous blog Me and My Big Mouth. Mr Pack has said that this site is touching and witty. And coming from a man who once called me the Achilles heel of his department, I am genuinely flattered. Thank you Big Boss Man.

His take on my dieting so far, is spot on, and has spurned me into another burst of commitment to the cause. I WILL stop eating lard. I WILL I WILL I WILL. Away devil crisps and nuts! Be gone bread! Never darken my door again quiche lorraine! (Oops, did I forget to tell you about that?!).


Suzie said...

Oh dear. He's never going to live down the Achilles' Heel comment, is he? x

Scott Pack said...

Doesn't look like I am, am I? Which is probably fair enough.

Just for the record, not that it will do me any good at this late stage, I never said that you were. I was referring to the nightmare of producing the Product Bulletin as the Achilles heel of the department. It just came out wrong!

Now you'll probably contradict me by quoting from whatever it was I said and proving me wrong.

SJP said...

tee hee.... sorry Packfordshire, I do know what you meant, but I do so love dragging out a drama though (as you well know). Loving you, as ever x