18 June 2007

Is it?

So, as you know, the diet regime was due to start hard, fast and proper last week Friday. It didn’t and it still hasn’t. I can’t really explain what happens to me and diets. But suffice to say, I have the very best intentions on a regular basis, I buy all the “good” food, I draw up charts and declare my desire to loose weight very very loudly to everyone who will listen (again), and say THIS IS IT, NO MORE LARD. And then somewhere between waking up and going back to sleep on Day One, a demon of gluttony takes over the sensible/healthy/committed side of me, and shovels food down my throat. Every time. Every single time. Bar the half a birthday cake and gallons of lager at the dogs - Friday wasn’t too bad – although it wasn’t of course the best start, but then I partook of a great deal of naughty buffet food at the wedding I was at on Saturday, and ate pretty much a weeks worth of food on Sunday with Boo. We had a plethora of goodies – popcorn, Pringles, fruit salad, meat balls, spaghetti and garlic bread, ice-cream, pitta and taramosalata, mini Cornish pasties, half a packet of biscuits, another birthday cake – it went on and on and on. Admittedly I did manage to get to a conditioning class in the morning, and we had bedroom aerobics a couple of times in between eating and sleeping – but basically I stuffed myself stupid.

I then woke up this morning and thought “Right, that’s it”. So I got Boo up at silly o’clock so he could drop me to Step at 6.30am; only worked hard enough to get my heart rate up to an average of 115 and a maximum of 135 (when it really should be an average of about 140 and a max of about 165) and then had a nakd bar for breakfast. Then some grapes, then the remainder of the fruit salad. Three wholemeal pittas and the left over salad. Then the rest (6) of the biscuits. And that was all before 1pm.

Come 1.15pm I was in the toilet, head in hands, contemplating throwing up just to get rid of some of the calories. Do all women do this?

I then decided to try and not eat anything else till tomorrow morning. And a split second later I was thinking about what was left in the fridge from the shopfest on Sunday that “needed” to be eaten tonight before it went off… Seriously, do all women do this?

Two hours later, and I’m now panicking that because I’m at the Sleeping Around event tonight (see right) I can’t go back to the gym to do Attack and work off a few calories.

Of course there is Pump and Step tomorrow, Spin and Conditioning on Wednesday, Pump and Cardio on Thursday and then Spin again Friday – but I can’t help but think that it’s all a little in vain really.

Because I know that if I can’t stop the eating, all the exercise in the world isn’t going to shift the fat. Is it?

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