19 June 2008

Get Reading

Remember a while ago I said I really really really wanted to start my Summer Reading campaign, and was over the moon delighted that the weather had taken a turn for the better and I would soon be spending whole days outside with piles of books and lashings of diet coke. Ah, those were the days of innocent excitement.

Rain, cloud, and a chill in the air weather seems like a never ending nightmare at the moment – especially at the frigging weekends, so for now, I must be content with in the bath or before bed reading…

I did finish that book I said I was going to start by Kate Harrison Brown Owls Guide to Life, and as expected I did enjoy it. Kate’s writing is really enjoyable, very gentle, very float-along, very easy to read in chunks without loosing the plot. I was a Brownie and hated every single minute of it, but the nostalgic elements of this book really did touch me, and I found myself laughing at a lot of reminders of those days. Lucy Collins is a bit shy and bit pushed about by life – especially by her mum and husband. When her mum dies, Lucy finds herself an orphan at 35 and is devastated. But having lived under the shadow of her mum’s disappointment for so long, she also finds herself free – and takes a long hard look at her life. Not only her mum, but also her grand and great-grandmother were Brown Owls, all leading figures in the Girl Guides, and Lucy finds herself drawing on some of those old values to change those things she is most unhappy about….unearthing long lost secrets and lies along the way.

I’m also half way through I Did a Bad Thing a debut chick noir novel by Linda Green that came out last year. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, but I am a bit bewildered that from what I can gather, the REALLY bad thing she did, was sleep with a work colleague and forget to vote… now, let’s be honest, is that really a REALLY bad thing… ??

17 June 2008

Like the Queen I am

Friday night I got proper roaring drunk with The Girls. 'Twas only supposed to be a quick drink after work, because we had already celebrated my birthday two weeks ago with a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop... I mean Fish Hook, but it ended up with actually dancing in a pub. Drunk on life and Pimms.

Saturday we were up early to go meet with our florists. Two lovely ladies from flowerpod have designed something quite perfect - let's hope the quote is within budget.

Sunday Boo took me for a lovely day in the cloudy sun with lashings of ginger beer. We forgot to take our books and travel games, and had to make do with entertaining each other. We managed, somehow.

Sunday night I opened all my birthday presents and got over excited by all my lovely lovely new things. I was totally happy with everything I got given, and spent the rest of the night feeling all special and loved...and eating the fairy cakes I made with my new mixer and icing bag!

Yesterday we had a duvet day and got a new BT line installed at home (he moves in for real at the weekend, and couldn't bear the idea of no internet!); made some icecream in my new icecream maker; got our Notice of Marriage legal stuff done at the Town Hall; and had some special birthday loving.

Here are my two favourite snaps of the past couple of weeks.

13 June 2008


Yet another 7 days have gone by without a post. I really am as shabby as shabby can be these days. Soz.

Last weekend was spent in The Country with The Niece and The Sister. On Saturday we got The Dress for The Sister for The Wedding. (So many The’s….). It’s beautiful and she will look stunning it in.

Sunday we went to the park for a spot of playing, sun catching and picnicking. The Niece frightened the life out of us, by slipping off of the big girl climbing frame. Thank Christ, Steady Handed Amy’s Dad was close by to catch her, cause I was frozen in panic. Honest to God, I just froze with my gob wide open and my heart in my mouth. I truly do not know how you parents cope with the never ending fear factor of having kids…. I don’t think I could last a day being totally in charge of a child, let alone a life time.

This week has been a bit blur and a blah, until yesterday when I had both a delicious lunch with ex-Le Grande Fromage Packfordshire, and an evening with Akram. He was spectacular. Absolutely fucking amazing. An incredible piece, both moody and thought provoking, beautiful and heart breaking. Brought a fair few tears to my eyes I can tell you. Stunning dancing, funky cool music, atmospheric lighting. Just breath-taking. Can’t wait to see him again. He’s also very very cute.

6 June 2008

7 Days Later

This past 7 days has slipped by in a bit of a blur, and I suddenly realised I haven’t updated this blog. Tut.

Last Friday night, Boo and I were kept awake till (literally) day break by Big Cock and Little Cock downstairs having a very drunken, very loud argument. It went along the lines of; “I can’t believe you said I’m spoilt – YOU’RE the spoilt one”… mumble, mutter, mumble. “You are so spoilt, it’s all about you”... mutter, mumble, mutter. “I just can’t believe it. You are SO spoilt, and yet you call ME spoilt. I just can’t believe it”….

This went on, loudly, till I tiptoed downstairs, knocked on their door and said “Look, I’m really sorry, but we can hear every word”. To which I got a mouthful of “You bloody stomp around like a bloody elephant, and we can hear you”. It didn’t seem appropriate to point out I do no such thing at 3.30 in the friggin morning – so tail between my legs, I duly stomped back upstairs, shaking, and then had to listen to “That bloody bitch. Who does she think she is? We don’t go banging on her door when we hear her stomping around all the time. Who does she think she is?”…mutter, mumble, mutter. “I can’t believe she banged on OUR door, when she’s the one who stomps around all the time. And during the week. This is the fucking weekend”… mumble, mutter, mumble. “How bloody dare she. She’s always stomping around, and we don’t go banging on her door. Yeh, and I can’t believe you called me selfish”…..

Saturday, exhausted and feeling very fragile, I was duly picked up by Chimmy, and taken to my very favourite-ist fish restaurant in West London; Fish Hook for my early birthday lunch with The Girls. It was lovely – and the mackerel tempura, posh fish and chips and cinnamon ice-cream certainly hit the spot.

Saturday night I got all emotional and over excited watching George win Britain’s Got Talent. Bless his lovely little cottons.

Sunday, after a peaceful nights sleep, I was taken for another early Birthday lunch, this time with The Family to the place where in less than a year, Boo and I will get married! . It was lovely, and having now tasted the food, we are even more pleased we chose it. The lovely waitress even found time to show The Family some of the 9 rooms – so they have an idea of what to expect next year. The niece made me some lovely birthday cookies (which of course I’ve already polished off), and I got some great gifts, including a very exciting hand mixer – with which I will be baking my own birthday cake probably next weekend!

This weekend it’s off to The Country for some time with The Niece, and some buying of The Sisters posh frock for The Wedding. We are off to a rather nice shop in Bromley. I hope to buggery they’ve got something in green. Otherwise we are screwed.