13 June 2008


Yet another 7 days have gone by without a post. I really am as shabby as shabby can be these days. Soz.

Last weekend was spent in The Country with The Niece and The Sister. On Saturday we got The Dress for The Sister for The Wedding. (So many The’s….). It’s beautiful and she will look stunning it in.

Sunday we went to the park for a spot of playing, sun catching and picnicking. The Niece frightened the life out of us, by slipping off of the big girl climbing frame. Thank Christ, Steady Handed Amy’s Dad was close by to catch her, cause I was frozen in panic. Honest to God, I just froze with my gob wide open and my heart in my mouth. I truly do not know how you parents cope with the never ending fear factor of having kids…. I don’t think I could last a day being totally in charge of a child, let alone a life time.

This week has been a bit blur and a blah, until yesterday when I had both a delicious lunch with ex-Le Grande Fromage Packfordshire, and an evening with Akram. He was spectacular. Absolutely fucking amazing. An incredible piece, both moody and thought provoking, beautiful and heart breaking. Brought a fair few tears to my eyes I can tell you. Stunning dancing, funky cool music, atmospheric lighting. Just breath-taking. Can’t wait to see him again. He’s also very very cute.

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