17 June 2008

Like the Queen I am

Friday night I got proper roaring drunk with The Girls. 'Twas only supposed to be a quick drink after work, because we had already celebrated my birthday two weeks ago with a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop... I mean Fish Hook, but it ended up with actually dancing in a pub. Drunk on life and Pimms.

Saturday we were up early to go meet with our florists. Two lovely ladies from flowerpod have designed something quite perfect - let's hope the quote is within budget.

Sunday Boo took me for a lovely day in the cloudy sun with lashings of ginger beer. We forgot to take our books and travel games, and had to make do with entertaining each other. We managed, somehow.

Sunday night I opened all my birthday presents and got over excited by all my lovely lovely new things. I was totally happy with everything I got given, and spent the rest of the night feeling all special and loved...and eating the fairy cakes I made with my new mixer and icing bag!

Yesterday we had a duvet day and got a new BT line installed at home (he moves in for real at the weekend, and couldn't bear the idea of no internet!); made some icecream in my new icecream maker; got our Notice of Marriage legal stuff done at the Town Hall; and had some special birthday loving.

Here are my two favourite snaps of the past couple of weeks.

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