27 January 2010


For a variety of reasons, I haven't been buying any books... firstly, cause there is no room at the inn, secondly, cause He threatened divorce if I did, and thirdly, cause I still have many piles of unread novels awaiting my attention....

However, to celebrate the so-far-so-good success of my New Year Diet (I know, I know - but 8 lbs in 3 weeks ain't too shabby!) I went and treated myself to...

The Truth About Melody Browne

The Gift

The Brightest Star in the Sky

Twenties Girl

Guess how excited I am now they've arrived.... I will spend some time stroking them, and then decide which one to start first later on today.

22 January 2010

Those lovely people at Random House have launched a couple of online competitions to tie in with the Paperback release of the hotly anticipated new book from Sophie Kinsella… There’s one comp to win a big bunch of Benefit goodies and another to win what looks like a very nifty necklace . I’ve entered both, cause after all, you’ve got to be in it, to win it!

18 January 2010

I remember reading The Lovely Bones whilst stuck on reception at The Big W. I remember being incredibly moved and upset by it, and absolutely in awe of the writer’s ability to make me believe the story and the characters wholly and completely.

I haven’t read Push. I hadn’t even heard of Push till I read a newspaper interview with the author a week or so ago…and thought, crickey, that sounds awful…..

I’ve now seen the movie versions of both (don’t ask me how, or I expect I will end up in jail).

Precious (based on Push) is one of the most moving and upsetting films I have seen in many a moon, and I completely and wholly believed all the characters (including one played by my favourite crazy Pop Tart – Mariah Carey) and the story.

The Lovely Bones is one of the biggest disappointments ever to grace the silver screen… and I’m putting it in the same box I put PS I Love You and Confessions of a Shopaholic, two other brilliant books absolutely massacred in the movies…

I can only imagine how fabulous it must be to be a writer who’s book gets optioned (I believe that is the phrase), and then some bigwig Hollywood Producer dude promises you script approval and the like….and the royalty cheques must help with the gas bill. But, it must be like having your leg ripped off by a hungry hippo when you finally see your baby in all its post production glory at a red carpet preview screening and they’ve fucked it right up….

6 January 2010

Oh, the weather outside is.....

What a beautiful morning we had yesterday....

What a fucking shit evening we have today....

I was so upset to read on Marian Keyes website today that she is suffering terribly with depression and can’t eat, sleep,write, read, or talk to people at the moment.

Please do, if you can, leave a message of support on her website to make sure that she knows just how very much she has loved and respected by all her readers.