29 May 2008


OK. First off – it’s quite long. Secondly – if you don’t really know the history of the girls, a lot of it won’t have as much punch. Thirdly – it’s fucking brilliant. Like, really really brilliant. Obviously there is the fashion, the shoes, the style. But more, oh so very much more than that, is the relationship stuff, between The Girls, Their Men, New York… Oh sweet lord. There are some real laughs to be had, but to be honest, not as many as I imagined there would be. But the tears were plentiful. Lots of heart in the mouth moments – lots of ahhhhs. Honest – just go see it. You’ll either love it, or you’ve got a heart of stone.

Equally as fabulous though to me, is that the angel that is George Sampson has made it through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent. Last year I remember being gutted that he didn’t make it through to the semis – so am so so happy that he’s on his way to stardom. Whether he wins or not on Saturday is irrelevant. I have no doubt that I will be privileged enough to see that beautiful young man on stage – perhaps at Sadler’s Wells – sometime in the not too distant future.

28 May 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I can’t bloody wait for the sun to finally come out to play so I can start my Summer Reading campaign. Readers of this blog will know that I do most of my reading in the Summer, when I can happily while away whole weekends outside, on a blanket, with copious cans of diet coke and stacks of books next to me.

I continued the “I promise to read all the books I’ve already got before I buy some more” Campaign this bank holiday weekend – and finally finished the couple I’ve had on the go this month.

Dancing on Thorns has been sitting around on my shelves for over two years. Several people along the way have recommended it me; and each time I said “Yep, I think I’ve got that already” before forgetting to pick it up and move it from the “read someday” to “read next” pile….

I should have read it months ago. Combining my love of men, ballet, angst and romance, the story focuses on the lives of budding actress Jonni Kendal and dancer extraordinaire Jean-Baptiste St. Michel. It’s a stunning and passionate love story and an amazing debut novel.

The Starter Marriage has been sitting around for even longer. Over three years in fact. I didn’t fall in love with it particularly, because I didn’t fall in love with the main character Tess; a thirty something teacher who’s husband walks out on her. But I did enjoy it. I’ve got a copy of Brown Owl’s Guide to Life sat on the shelf as well, which I think I might have a go at next. I do like Kate’s style of writing, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy Brown Owl more. I’ll let you know.

Obviously all reading will stop tonight, when The Girls and I pop along to our local flix for Sex and The City: The Movie.

Sweet Lord Alive, I’m so excited I might pee.

23 May 2008

Two weeks on....

Fat Girl has officially now been “on the run” for over a year. Happy Birthday Blog. We’ve also celebrated the bizarre and somewhat unbelievable news that some 1300 people have visited this blog from 69 countries in the past 3 months – at least that’s what my neocounter tells me. Now whether that’s 1300 individual people or the same 26 people 50 times, I have no idea. But either way I’m both flattered and flabbergasted. Of course, that could also mean that I have perhaps a handful of my best friends who log on every couple of days to see if I'm talking about them… to see if I’m being a two faced back stabber. I may never know…

Last week, I also got to celebrate The Nieces birthday. Twice. She’s like The Queen that girl with her two parties – one for the old folks (of which I am officially now one) and one for her toddler chums from nursery. Both were fabulous, although she was rather under the weather, so we were probably more excited by the cake and sparkly presents than she was.

Boo and I also hosted a lunch for both Mums. When I say Boo and I hosted, what I mean is, he took me to the supermarket to buy the food and picked up both mums to deliver them safe and sound. I meanwhile did all the cleaning, tidying and flower arranging before hand, then all the preparing, cooking, serving and drink topping up. We kind of shared the tidying up. At least, I think we did – I truly can’t remember. They (The Mums that is) got on fine and dandy, and I think I impressed Mrs V with my one-pot chicken skills enough to entrust her first borns' dietary needs to me full time from next May…

Now last night I was lucky enough to get invited to the West End Gala Opening Night of Never Forget the Mama Mia-esque Take That musical. It’s silly, camp, funny and seriously cheesy but great fun for a sing-a-long with your girlfriends. Interestingly enough, the fellow who plays Jake Turner (the pretend Robbie Williams) used to temp at the same Housing Association with me. I remember him as being good fun, very tall, and seriously charismatic. He always said he was a struggling actor. Not struggling so much now ey. How fabulous. PS – I shared the red carpet with Toby Anstis (who I think might be stalking me), Richard Arnold, Julian McDonald and non-other than newsreader Phil Gayle. Now, when I say “shared”…..!

Could not be looking forward more to the Bank Jollybobs this weekend. Lots of sleeping and lounging about with Boo I hope. Perhaps we might make some more buns. And then eat them all.

9 May 2008


Me and The Mother went to see the visual spectacular that is Michael Nunn and William Trevitt (AKA Balletboyz) last night. It was their Greatest Hits show; two of their most fabulous works – Russell Maliphant’s Broken Fall and Christopher Wheeldon’s Mesmerics; the world premier of an adapted version of Bonachela’s AmOx originally danced by Oxana Pachenko and Amy Hollingsworth – now called EdOx and danced by Oxana and Edward Watson (guesting from the Royal) with a brand new score by Ezio Bosso; and a new tango created by non other than Craig Revel Horwood (of Strictly Come Dancing fame) called Yumba vs. Nonino

There is a great clip of Mesmerics on the sadlers wells website which you should watch. Now… Watch it. Hit the link, hit the click and watch it now! If you thought ballet was all about hair nets and jockstraps, think again my friend, think again...

Of all the ballet I’ve seen so far this year – and there’s some damn good stuff in that list - Royal Ballet, New York City Ballet, Ballet Black, Northern Ballet – this has by far been the best. Those boyz are just superb. So graceful, so strong, so dramatic, so haunting. They just take your breath away and leave you gasping for more.

Unfortunately the run ends tomorrow so if you don’t have tickets already you really are screwed…although the boyz take the tour on the road later this year – check out their website for details.

Oh ps. I shared my tube journey home with guest artist Malgorzata Dzierzon (on loan from the Rambert) who performs in Mesmerics. She was kind and patient enough to sign my ticket. She is tiny and strikingly beautiful in “real life”. I love her a little bit more now.

6 May 2008

It’s Official

We’ve booked the registrar. So that’s the venue and the registrar booked. All done. Booked and done.


I am actually going to get married.

In one year.

To the most lovely man I know.

Who puts up with my bullshit. And strokes my back. And makes me laugh. And does all manner of DIY type stuff. And plays with my feet. And picks me up late at night when I’m drunk and silly…

I’m a lucky lucky girl.

Now, back to that diet.

12th July I’m going to try on some more big white dresses. This time at a
specialist big girl shop in South London. It specializes in making fat girls feel as good about themselves as they possibly can, by actually stocking samples in sizes 16 – 34. Not the usual 10/12. I’m still taking my Spanx pants though. Just to be safe.

If they have nothing there, then I already know that there’s a great selection at
Always & Forever in sizes that fit me too….and one in particular that made The Mother cry…

So I’ve now got just over 8 weeks to try my best at getting down to a size 20 instead of the current 22. So that by the time I order the dress I can do so in an 18 – I’d be ok with that. Not ecstatic obviously. But OK….

Pass me the muffins please.