28 May 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I can’t bloody wait for the sun to finally come out to play so I can start my Summer Reading campaign. Readers of this blog will know that I do most of my reading in the Summer, when I can happily while away whole weekends outside, on a blanket, with copious cans of diet coke and stacks of books next to me.

I continued the “I promise to read all the books I’ve already got before I buy some more” Campaign this bank holiday weekend – and finally finished the couple I’ve had on the go this month.

Dancing on Thorns has been sitting around on my shelves for over two years. Several people along the way have recommended it me; and each time I said “Yep, I think I’ve got that already” before forgetting to pick it up and move it from the “read someday” to “read next” pile….

I should have read it months ago. Combining my love of men, ballet, angst and romance, the story focuses on the lives of budding actress Jonni Kendal and dancer extraordinaire Jean-Baptiste St. Michel. It’s a stunning and passionate love story and an amazing debut novel.

The Starter Marriage has been sitting around for even longer. Over three years in fact. I didn’t fall in love with it particularly, because I didn’t fall in love with the main character Tess; a thirty something teacher who’s husband walks out on her. But I did enjoy it. I’ve got a copy of Brown Owl’s Guide to Life sat on the shelf as well, which I think I might have a go at next. I do like Kate’s style of writing, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy Brown Owl more. I’ll let you know.

Obviously all reading will stop tonight, when The Girls and I pop along to our local flix for Sex and The City: The Movie.

Sweet Lord Alive, I’m so excited I might pee.

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