6 May 2008

It’s Official

We’ve booked the registrar. So that’s the venue and the registrar booked. All done. Booked and done.


I am actually going to get married.

In one year.

To the most lovely man I know.

Who puts up with my bullshit. And strokes my back. And makes me laugh. And does all manner of DIY type stuff. And plays with my feet. And picks me up late at night when I’m drunk and silly…

I’m a lucky lucky girl.

Now, back to that diet.

12th July I’m going to try on some more big white dresses. This time at a
specialist big girl shop in South London. It specializes in making fat girls feel as good about themselves as they possibly can, by actually stocking samples in sizes 16 – 34. Not the usual 10/12. I’m still taking my Spanx pants though. Just to be safe.

If they have nothing there, then I already know that there’s a great selection at
Always & Forever in sizes that fit me too….and one in particular that made The Mother cry…

So I’ve now got just over 8 weeks to try my best at getting down to a size 20 instead of the current 22. So that by the time I order the dress I can do so in an 18 – I’d be ok with that. Not ecstatic obviously. But OK….

Pass me the muffins please.

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