29 April 2008

Not So Much...

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, I spent a lovely 2 days in The Country with The Family. The Niece was on top form and we had a splendid time with Thomas (The Tank Engine) on Saturday with some face painting thrown in for good measure.

On Sunday we had a not such a splendid time with a weird lady and some puppets at “Three Billy Goats”. Half way through the show, The Sister asked The Niece “Are you enjoying it”. The answer? “Not so much”. I don’t blame her. It couldn’t have been duller if it tried.

This weekend just gone, I took The Mother to the matinee of Hamlet at Sadler’s Wells, with a Prix Fix at The Fish Shop for lunch.

Now, I would be lying if I said I knew the story of Hamlet off by heart, but I do know that there weren’t many Nazi’s in the version I read at school. However, David Nixon’s new version of the tale of revenge and betrayal took us to 1940’s occupied Paris with Hamlet as a young man returning home from the front line to find his dad dead and his mum married to his uncle. There are lots of Swastika flags and Nazi uniforms, Claudius is now the head of police and Poloniusa a member of the Gestapo; and, instead of drowning, Ophila meets her demise via a gang rape from a group of soldiers. Not so nice, a little bit crazy, but as is usual for the Northern, brilliantly produced, choreographed and danced.

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