23 April 2008

Blog Tag

I have been blog-tagged by Scott Pack at Me and My Big Mouth.

It seems to be a sort of blog equivalent to the original chain letter type thing, which of course I’d normally dismiss and delete, but old habits regarding doing as Le Grande Fromage tells me to die hard… his wish has always been my command… so firstly I have to list six random things about myself.

One – I was number 2 in the Culture Club Fan Club. It was based above a shop in Northwood Hills, which by chance was where I went to my (second) secondary school, having been asked to leave my first… sort of. Wednesday was either “do PE” or “do community work” day. So when I was supposed to be either bouncing on a trampoline at the local sports hall or clearing up vomit at the Sunshine Home, I was infact hanging out at the CCFC office, posting out signed photos of George or Jon to other fans… oh happy happy days.

Two – NYJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra) played at my 21st birthday bash. A beautiful version of “Somewhere” morphed into “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”… I’ve always been rather busty.

Three – I am blessed with a very long tongue and can touch both my nose and chin with it…

Four – I was allegedly a budding mathematician in my youth, and was invited to attend a genius kid maths course which was held for two hours every Saturday morning at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge throughout the Summer of 1984 (or thereabouts). To this day I’m convinced my details got switched with some other nerd…

Five – My Sister and I used to fight terribly when we were little. I was a nasty piece of work, and prone to the fibbing to get myself out of trouble. I once bit her on the chest and swore blind that a blackbird had flown down from a tree and pecked her. She never told on me, and to this day I still feel guilty for it.

Six – I’ve done lots of different jobs in many different industries, but to this day my favourite ever place to work was behind the bar of a club Up Town in my very early 20’s. I was put in charge of the cocktail lounge, and can remember almost every recipe of the 72 drinks on the menu I created…

Right, six things listed I now have to nominate and tag six other people to do this …

Firstly, it’s got to be The Packfordshire himself.

Then the delightful and sexy Catherine Townsend .

My most favourite cake porn – and the people I’m going to get to do my wedding cupcakes.

The lady who once said I was efficient, utterly organised, bright, responsive and original, Emma from Snowbooks.

The Urban Bridesmaid blog , for no other reason than Boo and I might be booking her for the wedding…

And lastly, but not least-ly my ginger chum from the Big W.

So then, if these six people decide to play (although obviously Scott already has) the rules for them are:

To link back to me

Post these same rules on their blog

Write six random things on their own blog

Tag another 6 people in the post

Let those six people know they are being tagged, by leaving a comment on their blog

Then let me know when their own entry is posted….

Confused? You will be!

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