16 April 2010

I could get into this shopping malarky!

Remember my wee shopping spree? Well, I finished purchase number four this morning on the way to work. Gutted that even with a couple of manuscripts chucked in for good measure, I've still finished all four in just over a couple of months.

Cecelia Ahern's The Gift is not quite what you would expect from the lady that bought us PS I Love You, but totally in keeping with If You Could See Me Now and A Place Called Here. Kind of supernatural it tells the heartbreaking story of city slicker Lou and his strive for success at work to the detriment of his personal life. Running here and there, always short of time, always in a hurry he lets everyone down, his wife, his kids, his dad - but when he meets homeless man Gabe, things take a turn. We aren't supposed to like Lou, we aren't supposed to feel any sympathy for his plight, but as he realises the error of his ways you cant help but warm to him. A brilliant story, as ever, I was left with a fair few tears at the end - and will be lending my copy out to a few of my career driven friends asap...

So, next up on the shopping list is the new one from Bernie coming in October, that I'm about to hit the pre-order button for on Amazon, the beautiful new Louise Candlish coming in July (just look at the lovely new branding!) that I already have on pre-order from Amazon, and the brilliant follow up to Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell... that I'm going to buy from an actual high street retailer tomorrow...

10 April 2010

I have new shelves...

He who must now be obeyed for ever more, only went and built me another shelf... I obviously, still have more books than I have space for - but, at least I can now arrange gorgeous new piles of the my most favourite books... oh the joy... better, almost, than buns.

7 April 2010

The Circle of Trust's Big Night Out

Last Thursday, just before the whole "eating my own body weight in chocolate eggs whilst wearing PJ's" weekend fest began, The Circle of Trust went out to celebrate GemGem's new job/drink till we fell over... we even treated ourselves to an overnight stay at the Hilton off Upper Street. Get us.