23 March 2009


There has been a fair amount of film watching going on of late….the bulk of which have passed me by without feeling the need to pass comment. BUT. In the spirit of washing all my dirty linen in public as I do, I thought you might like to know my thoughts on the following…

Gran Torino – so overrated I can not begin to understand what the critics were watching when they called it mesmerising. Dull and long.
Seven Pounds – brilliant, but confusing.
The Wrestler – I have just one word – enunciate.
The Dark Knight – cripes. Fabulous.
Slumdog Millionaire – wasn’t prepared for the violence, but brilliant.
WALL-E – my favourite film for a long time. Just beautiful and gorgeous and sweet. Until the fat Americans save the planet.
Taken – quite shocking…but good fun.

That's all folks...

21 March 2009


days to go. 6 weeks. Things are hotting up. And our bank account is bleeding money out of every pore. Literally. Christ these things are fucking costly. Let's hope a good time is had by all that's all I can say.

Later on today we take Ms Williams out for some birthday good stuff. There will be eating. There will be drinking. And by God, there will be dancing.

Tomorrow the traditional Mother's Day Afternoon Tea will take place, this year we've chosen the Mandarin Oriental and I have high hopes for the scones and the buns.

Next week I'm being taken for something fabulous and secret on Wednesday. It's in Soho. It's an early start. I have no idea what "it" is, but as long as it doesn't involve offal or chess I'm happy.

Next Friday we are off to meet Mr Registrar for some planning of the ceremony business. We have to take a yellow form. And some blue forms. And a thing about stuff. And some vows. And, you know, other bits.

Then on Saturday we are having a Non-Stag Anti-Hen Pre-Wedding Get-Together Drinks-Thing. I'm wearing a frock. And having my hair done. And will hopefully be sozzled before the sun goes down.

The following weekend I'm taking The Mother of the Bride to see some ballet. And then we've got a secret surprise birthday party. And a family lunch on the Sunday.

The weekend after that it's Easter. I will be eating my body weight in chocolate.

The weekend after that it will be 2 weeks to go.

The weekend after that it will be 1 week to go.

The weekend after that I go from SJP to SJV and people will confuse me for a people carrier...

16 March 2009

This had me crying with laugher on Friday night…

And it’s still the funniest thing from Comic Relief this year.

13 March 2009

Funny for Money?

Four hours in, and at last, something funny worth my money.

Catherine Tate as Rude Nana, NOT accepting the grand for the Jubilee Centre for Old People.

Fucking hilarious.

3 March 2009

I finished How to Lose a Husband and Gain a Life this morning in the bath. (I spend WAY too much time doing things other than gettingreadyforwork in the morning….)

I hope I’m not too biased, given that I LOVE the author, but I love the book too…otherwise it would make our lunch date on Sunday a tad tricky ey? But it really is brill. Ruby Gallagher has a seemingly fabulous life. Big old gangster dude husband, much shopping and not much housework…la la la. Then Gangster Dude gets done for fraud and Ruby finds out some rather unpleasant hidden truths about their life together – forcing her to take stock and turn her life around with the help of a feather dusty, a clown, a superb gay couple Teddy and Kendall, and new best-friend-hiding-a-secret Maria.

As ever, Bernadette delivers a classic holiday read, it’s fast and pacy, funny and warm with brilliant characters, a great storyline and the feel-good factor you now come to expect.

Am hoping that the move to Little, Brown will ensure that How to Lose a Husband secures all the right placements in all the trade and high street retailers to guarantee a hike up the charts and a place on all the Summer Read recommends lists…

2 March 2009

I'll Be There For You

I was just happily googling some of my favourite authors websites to see what’s new, what’s coming, what I might have missed and came across this which I am delighted about – even if they can't spell my name right!!

Brand Candlish is well on its way to securing its permanent place on the Top 10 FOS shelves of all good bookshelves, with echoes of Jodi Picoult in style and the love child of Katie Fforde and Maggie O'Farrell in content' Sarah-Jade Piper (Fat Girl on the Run blog)

Am hoping that a copy of her new book might squirrel its way out of LB HQ?!

62 days and counting

It was a very interesting week….we had a gorgeous tasting meal at The Inn on the Green. The best pannacotta with poached strawberries I have ever put in my mouth featured strongly, together with the house champagne, house white and house red. I was very drunk and it was a school night.

Thursday morning The Sister had her next fitting for her dress… she looks amazing, 10 years younger, 10 foot taller and 10 pound lighter. I felt like a proud mother.

I asked Peter Kay to cancel his gig in Vegas and come and do a skit at our wedding… he’s considering it obviously.

I reactivated myself on facebook, and immediately regretted it.

Me and Boo got some new specs.

I finally ordered my wedding ring.

I made a ginger cake.

I did some epilating, some fake tanning, painted my nails in a French manicure styley, blow dried my hair straight….generally pampered myself.

This week will see another 5 hours of sweating at the gym, a dinner with my favourite American, my next dress fitting and a rather exciting lunch plan with my favourite author friend. Luckily the lunch is after the fitting...how fabulous.