18 January 2009

Birthday Joy

Yesterday The Girls celebrated the last birthday of 2008 with some lunch and extended drinking in Chiswick for Lady Beves special day.

When I say extended drinking - I mean we started at 2.30pm with lunch, and finished at 11.30pm with a complimentary bottle of champagne on the house at a bar which really should have known better and kicked us out about 3 hours earlier....oh the mess.

Anyway, a rather fabulous time was had by all. Here follows the most acceptable photos from the day. The less attractive drunken shots are definitely for-their-eyes-only...

8 January 2009

As expected we spent NYE on opposite ends of the sofa, in our jammys, having a raspberry beer and a rather fabulous roast dinner what I did cook, watching Howl’s Moving Castle (which was in all honesty my favourite Christmas TV) with a quick peck on the lips at 12 midnight. The fun just never starts in SGR. We did have an invite “Out” but quite frankly couldn’t be arsed. What a pair of stay-at-home miseries we’ve truly become. It’s brilliant.

First day back at work on the 2nd was bizarre. I felt like one of the few survivors of some hideous 24 Days Later zombie attack – the rest of West London obviously had the day off. I managed to get to my desk, turn on the PC, made a coffee and then sat there for the next 8 hours with a face on. Christ alive, you could actually see the tumble weed rolling down the corridor of doom that leads to the Big Wig end of the office. However, when I got home Boo had made all my bathroom dreams come true. We now have a shower tap. Yep, I can now wash my hair in clean, fresh running water. Oh the joy.

Then the weekend was a food fest of pure gluttony in preparation for the Beginning of the Diet which started first thing Monday morning. I feel like my stomach has actually eaten itself if truth be told, but we are four days in and 115 days to go till the wedding and I refuse to have more than one chin and one belly when I walk down the aisle.

Fitness guru Melly has sent me a link to a rather fabulous website called Spark which lets you monitor for absolutely free-no-money both your diet and exercise regime – with some rather handy widgets and fandangos thrown in for good measure. I’ve signed up, and can report that I’ve had 58g protein, 32g fat and 167g carbs today with 346 calories left in the kitty for my tea when I get home....

...which will be after a brand spanking new fitness class that me and Lorrie are going to try tonight. It’s in a wee sports centre/scout hut that looks to be stuck on the side of a church and infants school, so obviously we’ve got high hopes! But its cheap and local and neither of us have anything better to do tonight. I’ve done classes every night so far this week after work, and I’ll be buggered if I don’t get something in this evening!

Then tomorrow night The Mother and I will be taking in some culture at the Coliseum, with a touch of Manon in the company of the English National Ballet. It will be the first of many ballet excursions this year, and no doubt I will report back with a rave review in a bit.

The weekend holds a wealth of cleaning, ironing, tidying up and the like, which obviously I’m over-the-moon-delighted by, but I do have a proof of the new Mike Gayle, which was squirreled out of Hodder Towers by a kindly lady for me – which I’m gagging to get into, so perhaps whilst he’s on his Xbox360 I can hide away under the duvet. Bliss.