23 March 2009


There has been a fair amount of film watching going on of late….the bulk of which have passed me by without feeling the need to pass comment. BUT. In the spirit of washing all my dirty linen in public as I do, I thought you might like to know my thoughts on the following…

Gran Torino – so overrated I can not begin to understand what the critics were watching when they called it mesmerising. Dull and long.
Seven Pounds – brilliant, but confusing.
The Wrestler – I have just one word – enunciate.
The Dark Knight – cripes. Fabulous.
Slumdog Millionaire – wasn’t prepared for the violence, but brilliant.
WALL-E – my favourite film for a long time. Just beautiful and gorgeous and sweet. Until the fat Americans save the planet.
Taken – quite shocking…but good fun.

That's all folks...

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