2 March 2009

62 days and counting

It was a very interesting week….we had a gorgeous tasting meal at The Inn on the Green. The best pannacotta with poached strawberries I have ever put in my mouth featured strongly, together with the house champagne, house white and house red. I was very drunk and it was a school night.

Thursday morning The Sister had her next fitting for her dress… she looks amazing, 10 years younger, 10 foot taller and 10 pound lighter. I felt like a proud mother.

I asked Peter Kay to cancel his gig in Vegas and come and do a skit at our wedding… he’s considering it obviously.

I reactivated myself on facebook, and immediately regretted it.

Me and Boo got some new specs.

I finally ordered my wedding ring.

I made a ginger cake.

I did some epilating, some fake tanning, painted my nails in a French manicure styley, blow dried my hair straight….generally pampered myself.

This week will see another 5 hours of sweating at the gym, a dinner with my favourite American, my next dress fitting and a rather exciting lunch plan with my favourite author friend. Luckily the lunch is after the fitting...how fabulous.

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