7 April 2008

I am a buffoon

Why oh why I didn’t read “My Best Friend’s Girl” by Dorothy Koomson when I got the proof from Time Warner (remember them?) in May 2006, I will now never know. Maybe it was because I don’t so much like the name Dorothy. Maybe it was because I don’t so much like kids. Maybe it was because I am clearly a buffoon, cause it’s cracking. And yes, I know Richard & Judy said that before me….

The book tells the story of Kamryn who, following the death of her best friend Adele, takes in her daughter Tegan. We learn what Adele did to break Kamryn heart, we get to know her ex-fiancé Nate, and we meet new love Luke…and along the way we see Kam’s relationship with Tegan grow and grow. Other reviews I have read about the book say it’s funny and quirky. I didn’t find that so much – but I did find it incredibly well written - a beautiful story, told beautifully.

Dorothy Koomson has a really nice website – have a look yourself. Oh, and buy the book – or you can borrow my proof if you want?

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