29 May 2008


OK. First off – it’s quite long. Secondly – if you don’t really know the history of the girls, a lot of it won’t have as much punch. Thirdly – it’s fucking brilliant. Like, really really brilliant. Obviously there is the fashion, the shoes, the style. But more, oh so very much more than that, is the relationship stuff, between The Girls, Their Men, New York… Oh sweet lord. There are some real laughs to be had, but to be honest, not as many as I imagined there would be. But the tears were plentiful. Lots of heart in the mouth moments – lots of ahhhhs. Honest – just go see it. You’ll either love it, or you’ve got a heart of stone.

Equally as fabulous though to me, is that the angel that is George Sampson has made it through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent. Last year I remember being gutted that he didn’t make it through to the semis – so am so so happy that he’s on his way to stardom. Whether he wins or not on Saturday is irrelevant. I have no doubt that I will be privileged enough to see that beautiful young man on stage – perhaps at Sadler’s Wells – sometime in the not too distant future.

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