14 February 2008

My head is in a spin

Since I last wrote, the following has been occuring. I watched Toby Anstis doing a Body Attack class at the gym. Boy, that boy can bounce. (He no longer looks like this mind)

I went to a dead posh hospital with my dear friend Mel who got some bloody great news. If she ever tells a living sole that I cried like a baby, I will a) deny, b) deny, c) punch her in the chops.

I (finally) got offered a transfer from my stinky studio in stinky Southall - to a much larger, much cleaner, much less stinky flat in Olde Hanwell. Hurrah for me.

I went to the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond to see my lovely friend's musical play "Next Door's Baby". It's great. Very funny, very touching - bloody catchy songs.

Boo and I spent an entire day shopping for furniture. We argued almost the entire time.

I started packing. I still am packing. I think the "stuff" is breeding.

I saw my beautiful neice. She sat on my lap to watch Aladdin. She's got very similar random fidgets to me and spent almost the entire film drawing circles on my legs with her little tiny hands.... I spent the entire film with a lump in my throat.

I carried on packing.

I ate an entire family bag of Maltesers in about 3 minutes.

I waited outside my new flat for 3 hours waiting for my new carpet to be fitted. Its lovely and bouncy and clean.

I did a bit more packing, and then a bit more.

I move tomorrow. I expect everything to go wrong. I am so not a half-full kind of a girl....

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