19 February 2008

In Like Flynn

Nearly two hours later than expected three 'yoofs' arrived in a van pretending to be from the reputable removal firm I had booked to carry out the moving house extravaganza. One ripped sofa, a badly damaged chest of drawers and a dented fridge door later and I had officially moved out of stinky studio into fabulous flat.

As expected the bed, wardrobes and new drawer unit didn’t arrive on time (in fact, they only came this morning) and the brand spanking new washing machine didn’t work – but bar that, everything went A. OK. Poor old Boo worked like a dog all weekend, and we are now so moved in, we’ve even got pictures up on the walls and a whole dedicated drawer of folded tea towels in the kitchen.

I’ve never had so much space.

It’s weird.

And a bit echo-y.

I’ve now got a whole separate room to go to bed in and a whole separate room to watch TV in.

It’s exhausting all this moving from room to room. Thank God it’s not a house – I’d be forced to pick a floor and stick to it.

Anyway, other than spending every minute of the day thinking about furniture arrangement, gas meter readings and dripping bathroom taps, I managed to finally finish the new Marian Keyes which is coming out in May. It has taken me an extraordinarily long time to wade through… and I’ve been trying to work out why. Firstly, it could be that I’ve had about 15 books on the go this past month – and I’m not very good at dipping in and out really. It could be because I’ve had an awful lot going on recently, which has seriously limited my available reading time. Or thirdly, and much more worryingly – it could be cause it just didn’t blow me away as much as every other book Marian Keyes has written. Now, don’t start getting all huffy, it is – as are all of her books – brilliant. It is funny with superb characters and a sensational plot. It’s beautifully observed with great prose and all that other “literary” clap trap that people use to pad out reviews that would otherwise just say “I loved it, you will too, and if you don’t, you are a fucking idiot!”. But I was left feeling a bit unfulfilled at the end, without the usual “Oh My God How Fantastic Was That?” euphoria I normally get. I don’t know, maybe I’m loosing my mind, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m the fucking idiot – but you read it and then let me know – cause I’m at a loss to be honest….

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