11 June 2007


I suppose given the whole reason I started this blogging malarkey in the first place was to try and take my mind off the incredibly boring new lifestyle I am trying to follow of giving up smoking, cutting out the juice of the Gods (diet coke), and sticking to a more healthy diet - it would be an idea to let you into the whole world of pain I've entered. I'm going try and work out a way to stick up my daily tot-up thing onto this site which will show you (give or take) what I'm eating and what exercise I'm doing, so you can stick with me through this thing - and see how I'm getting on. So you know, the term BAD FOOD DAY won't be just cause I've eaten something that I'm too scared to tell Mel I ate, but also cause when I'm having one of my binges I really really can't remember what I've shoved down.... I'm not for one moment saying I've got a medical condition / eating disorder - although some might disagree - but I do definitely loose some clarity when the food devil takes over my soul and makes me eat sweets or bread.

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