12 June 2007


How can I put this without looking like a fool? Should I be honest? Should I fib? Bugga. I can’t, for the life of me, work out which of the fabulous widgets blogspot provides enables me to load up my excel spreadsheet listing all the food I’ve eaten and all the exercise I’ve taken, so that you guys can keep me on the straight and narrow by posting (please!) comments of inspiration, encouragement or despair at my lack of willpower and commitment to this whole diet business. If any eager bloggers out there can help me work out how to do it, I’d be most grateful.

P.S – my gym (obviously not actually mine, but the one that gets my £75 a month) is holding a cheese and wine evening tonight. Explain to me how encouraging people to eat fat-laden cheese and get pissed, helps them to get fit? I mean, surely a grape and water night, or a rice cake and green tea evening would be more suitable….or it just me being a spoilsport?

P.P.S – I ate a Double Decker yesterday (please don’t tell Mel). My first real proper fall down on my arse moment though since I started this whole business on April 2nd so sod it. (It was divine by the way!).

P.P.P.S – not connected at all to any of the above, but I forgot to tell you, I received my first marriage proposal in about 10 years on Saturday whilst in Superdrug on Shepherds Bush Green (get down there immediately all you single ladies). Admittedly the gentleman in question was a dirty, old, smelly, Irish (not that that’s a problem mind) tramp with a length of rope holding up his soiled trousers. I only spent about 10 minutes giving his proposal serious thought. Honest.

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