7 January 2008

The Rules 2008

Instead of New Years Resolutions (bah) I've set myself a few Rules To Live By for 2088.

Let's see how long I can stick to them....

Recyle all rubbish
Moisturize hands after every wash
Take packed lunches to work (unless going "out" for lunch)
Buy only "on special/on offer" groceries
Always have painted toe and finger nails
Scrub & moisturize every other day
Walk for 15 minutes briskly every day
Drink (at least) two bottles of squash a day
Apply lip balm throughout the day
Always eat at the table
Don't buy groceries from M&S
Use my food diary
Save £250 a month
Drink a max of 3 coffee's a day
Go on "a date" with Boo once a month

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