21 January 2008

Get Fresh at the Weekend

Friday night was Girls Night In. We had a plethora of carpet party buffet nibblets. There were a lot of bottles of wine floating around. And so much naughtiness and laughing that I believe I may have wet myself a little bit.

Saturday was a Conditioning class at The Gym. It was fab, and my bum is still a little “bruised”. I still can’t get the grips with The Plank. Why do I not feel it in my stomach at all, despite holding my belly button to my spine and keeping my back flat? The only place I feel it is in my arms. You try balancing 17 stone of fat on your elbows and tell me it don’t hurt.

Saturday afternoon Boo and I had a 6 hour argument about our future whilst driving around looking at places to live. We are both, obviously, in the right. Me more than him though. I just want us to live together, and believe that I could live in a shed as long as we are in it together. He however, thinks that we should hold out for something that ticks all the necessary boxes. He is, of course, completely practical and completely right. But then so am I. I currently live in a studio, next door to a house that is occupied by ex-offenders with both mental health issues and drug problems. Seriously. One of them is awake all night, smoking and hacking his lungs up in the back garden. Every hour on the hour I am woken by the most vomit inducing sounds you can imagine. I am at the end of my tether, and want to either kill myself or him. We also have a rodent problem in the back garden. They live in an old air raid shelter that can’t be removed. They torment my every waking hour with their little squeaks and scratches. Add into the mix the never ending loud coming and goings from my nearest next door neighbour – who’s constant stream of visitors ring my door bell at all hours of the day and night to gain entrance to the building cause she is too doped up to hear her own bell… so trust me I when I say ANYWHERE would be better than where I am now. We stopped arguing after I had had a bath, read a bit more of This Charming Man and cooked us both a Quorn Quarterpounder in a bread roll. Bread. Delicious. We then curled up and watched a movie, and decided that we get on so much better when we are in bed. Outside just doesn’t suit us.

Sunday morning saw a leisurely get up, followed by some 50% discount late lunch at Yo Sushi! in Fulham with 2 of The Girls. Home in time to see Michael Underwood survive another week in Dancing on Ice, despite a braces incident.

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