24 January 2008

Bits and Bobs

So, Micheal Underwood is out of DOI3. At least my Sunday nights are my own again.

Bumped into my friend The Man That Can Carry a Washing Machine Up Stairs All By Himself last night on the train. Damn that man is fine. How or why he is still single is a complete mystery. I fear even Miss Marple would struggle to solve it.

Tonight was due to be January Date Night with Boo. I had booked us a couple of tickets to see

"Sylvia" at the Royal Opera House as an early birthday present for him. As is so often the case, it has morphed into a fantastic night out instead with my friend Lady Mileham. We are even going for some early dinner first. Every cloud and all that….

The 2008 Rules are progressing ok all in all. I’ve lost 9 pounds so far by following a calorie controlled diet. Not as hungry as one might expect having literally slashed my intake in half since 2nd January, but I would sell my kidney for a loaf of

tiger bread right now.

Have had a small victory against The Man regarding rubbish and recycling, and The House now has two wheelie bins and two recycling boxes. How They expected a building that houses 4 flats to successfully dispose of 4 black bags of rubbish a week into a bin that only houses (according to their own website!) 2-3 bags is beyond me – but now each flat can get rid of all their rubbish and recyling waste each week without being forced to leave a big old heap of black bags and washed out baked bean tins piled high in the garden.

Nails are still painted, hands still moisturized – lips however are a bit dry, cause I really really can’t stand the slimy balm…

The whole shopping/lunch/3 for 2 offer thing is ticking along nicely too. Packed lunches rule, and the bottled squash is almost becoming a habit…although obviously Diet Coke will always be the juice of the Gods as far as I'm concerned, and I miss it so much it hurts....

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