3 January 2008

Half Ton Mom

Renee Williams, the 64 stone, 29 year old mother of two and subject of last nights compelling "Half Ton Mum" on C4 was a beautiful woman. As the world's heaviest lady, she waited and begged for 12 years before she was accepted by the Renaissance Hospital to undergo a life changing gastric bypass surgical procedure. The operation was successful and she lost a staggering four stone before dying of a sudden heart attack just 12 days later.

Renee had battled with her weight all her life, and was classified as super-morbidly obese at the age of 12. Married at 15, she had her first child aged 16 weighing 30 stone. She had grown to 35 stone by the time she gave birth to her second daughter. In 2003 she was hit by a drunken driver in a car accident that left her unable to walk and became bedridden and began eating even more.

The programme was fascinating and didn't portray Renee as a side-show freak. However, I feel really angry that those making the documentary didn't question those adults around her that had allowed her to get into that state. When a person is bedridden and needs to have everything bought to them - toothbrush, telephone, towel - it is clearly evident that the 8 burgers she would eat in one go, MUST have been given to her by either her incompetent Caretaker/Cook or her own mother.

It is a harrowing story, and a timely reminder for all of us to step away from the cakes. And yes, that includes me.

If you are struggling to get your weight under control - like me - the following two organisations seem to offer that bit more help than "stop eating and do some exercise you fat gluttonous slob".

BEAT (formerly Eating Disorders Association)
103 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich NR1 1DW
Adult Helpline: 0845 634 1414 (Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Sat 1pm-4.30pm)
E-mail: fyp@b-eat.co.uk Website: www.b-eat.co.uk

Overeaters Anonymous
PO Box 19, Stretford, Manchester M32 9EB
Tel: 07000 784985
Website: www.oagb.org.uk


Leigh said...

I agree that the half-ton mom was a beautiful woman, and her ambition of bringing her message to other people in her situation was admirable.
I also agree with you about the fact that all her food must have been brought to her by someone. I said that to my husband when we were watching the programme. If she was bedridden, then that was an opportunity to help her with her portion control, but it wasn't even mentioned. It was a sad end to the story, but at least she did get her message out there.

Anonymous said...

I too agree, it was a really sad ending and breaks my heart that she has been fighting for so long to have the surgery. Maybe had she had it earlier she would still be with her daugthers. Had she had the correct help she would have been allowed to eat the correct food to help her loose weight. That goes for most bedridden people, shouldnt the carers help them by not giving them more food than they need.

Anonymous said...

Not all weight issues are simply due to overeating. We should not assume that they all are. Although in Renees case it started out that way, there came a time when portion control didnt make a difference. Your body just starts to store everything. Thats when we truly need help.

Anonymous said...

she was just a fat lazy greedy bastard no sympathy simple as.you are what you eat.you eat fatty greasy food you will be fat and greasy all this comfort eating is rubbish why cant you comfort eat fruit and veg

Anonymous said...

The anonymous above me should deserves a beating. I think the woman dosen't deserve your lack of sympathy nor do the people on this post want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! Evidently, the person that made the ridiculous comment has never had a weight problem and therefore should keep his or her mouth shut!! You need to find Jesus so that you can have some love in your heart!!! A person who has no sympathy in a situation such as this is hard-hearted!!! I pray to God that you never need sympathy from anyone. May God bless you and change your stone heart to flesh!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so distraught after watching the show about this woman that I could not sleep. I got a chill that went through me when her mother said she passed away, and though I don't know her or her family the news hit me hard.

I was really pulling for her, like you root for someone to win a race. This was tragic and so horrendous for her family; especially her children

Someone in her circle (her father, mother, caretaker) should have stepped up and helped her with her calorie intake and health

She looked like a beautiful, wonderful woman and I am so sorry for her family's loss

The anonymous who wrote the horrible words should be ashamed of themselves

Aline said...

I am re-watching her special on TLC. She is in total denial and that is the problem with most of obese people (or people with addictions, anorexia, bulimia, etc). She stated she didnt smell, that she didnt eat all the time, that she could move fine. As you watch the show half-way through her cook, children and close family ALL testified on how compulsively and abunduntly she ate. They also stated her sores were unsanitary and smelly. She was bed ridden for 4 years and had everything handed to her. She gained 400lbs in 4 yrs for lack of mobility. To top it all out she was referring to her as overweight... Everything about her was complete denial. I surely hope that hospital and doctors had this woman signed all kinds of affidavits and retainers because I could not see her surviving this. People who allow themselves to become fat-monsters must do some homework before undergoing surgery or the easy way out.

Anonymous said...

To start off with, it would be nice if people were respectful of others in ANY situation. We (including doctors) never know the whole story. As for morbidly obese people, I personally think a significant amount has to do with genetics or other problems. My sister's as thin as a rail and she eats quesadillas and ice cream with whipped cream every day. I'm not as thin as she is, but I can eat a whole large Pizza Hut pizza in one sitting. My sister puts mayonnaise on pizza... This lady was morbidly obese since the age of 12. Obviously there is something more than just overeating going on there. Even if she did overeat, I bet someone else eating the same amount would not weigh nearly as much.

Anonymous said...

They only put on there what they want you to hear so don't go around stating shit if you don't know the whole ACTUAL story.