4 January 2008


I’ve got three books on the go at the moment. Get me.

My bathroom read is a fantastic new book by Alexandra Fuller being published by New Work in June this year. The Legend of Colton H. Bryant is the true story of Colton H. Bryant who grew up in Wyoming and never wanted to leave. Wyoming loved him and he loved it back. Two things helped him get through school and the neighbourhood gang who chased after him yelling 'retard' - his best friend Jake and his favourite mantra: Mind over matter - which meant if you don't mind, it don't matter. I don’t think I've read a biography/memoir/autobiography since reading Boy George’s first Take it Like a Man, which if memory serves me correctly is the ONLY biog I’ve ever read! Shame on me. The Legend however, reads like fiction. It is both a beautiful story, and beautifully told. I’m nearly finished, and I don’t want it to end.

My commute read is a book which I intend to let change my life. Potatoes not Prozac is another New Work title, just published, which is the updated and revised edition of the 1999 bestseller by Radiant Recovery guru Kathleen DesMaisons. DesMaisons is a world leader in the field of addictive nutrition and has been lauded for her identification of sugar sensitivity as a critical factor in weight gain, addiction and depression. I am hoping that by following her 7 steps I can finally conquer my own food demons. According to DesMaisons (and I like her a lot already) I am not lazy, self-indulgent or undisciplined. My problem lies in my body chemistry. I am hoping that I can self diagnose that I am one of the millions of people who are sugar sensitive and the foods I turn to for comfort actually trigger how I am currently feeling – exhausted, hopeless and completely lacking in self-esteem. As well, of course, as making me a lard arse. Either that or I am just lazy, self-indulgent and undisciplined. I will keep you updated.

My bedtime story is a top secret proof copy of This Charming Man the new Marian Keyes title coming to a bookshop near you in May. I can’t tell you which lovely person sent it to me, cause I would then have to kill you. And they, in turn, would kill me. That would both make me very sad, and prevent me from finishing it. And if that was the case, I could as well kill myself. Anyway, so far, so brilliant. And that, my friends, is literally all I can say about it. No plot, no review, no synopsis. Otherwise my name will be Mud.

I’m in a very bizarre mood today. Can you tell?

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Anonymous said...

Tried to post before...my heart goes out to this lady. I would hope that the idiots who took *care* of her and contributed to her condition would suffer as deserved.

Nice, though, that even in the U.S. (I can't get health care, LOL) the family was able to *afford* this surgery. Interesting, isn't it.