17 January 2008

Dancing on Ice 3

I never really commit to watching an entire series of any of these reality TV type kind of things. I love 'em. Of course I do. But I never watch them all the way through to the very very bitter end. Not Pop Tarts, Strictly Ballroom, Wanna Be A Famous Brother. None of them. However, the added incentive of being in the New Work sweep stake for DoI 3 (see what I did there) might help me knuckle down and follow this bad boy to the very last skate-off. It helps that I’ve got Michael Underwood. As it were. It might also help that my beautiful model friend Warren invited me to join a facebook group called Michael Underwood to win Dancing on Ice 3!!. I think Warren knows him. I don't, but I'm hoping my support will help him win. (And help me win my first ever sweep stake.)

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