9 January 2008

One Week Later

So I finished The Legend of Colton H. Bryant (unsurprisingly I was in tears) and have reached the part of Potatoes not Prozac where I have to actually do something, by changing my whole breakfast routine.

The first new rule (Step 1 – see what they did there?) is to eat breakfast every day, within one hour of getting up, and the breakfast must include a complex carbohydrate and enough protein for my weight. To work out what the appropriate protein intake per day should be apparently you take your weight in pounds and divide by two. That figure, in grams, is your daily protein intake. So you then divide it into 3 – and that is the amount of protein you have for your three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). So that makes my daily protein intake 120 grams. So I need 40 grams of protein for breakfast. 40 grams?! That’s 6 Quorn Bangers. Or a whole packet of sandwich chicken slices. Or about 5 eggs. Or maybe 2 cans of baked beans. How about 2 mackerel fillets? For breakfast? Really? Maybe I’ve done the math wrong. Any ideas, cause that just sounds ridiculous.

An update on my self imposed Rules. So far, so good. I have been obsessively recycling almost every scrap of rubbish I produce, which adds up to much more than I ever imagined. I have been moisturizing my hands after every wash and I’ve been trying really hard to remember to apply the lip balm. I hate it. I feel all slimy, all over. Constantly. I’ve been taking packed lunches to work, but have been buying a spot or two of fruit from the stall outside New Work in the morning. I’ve been to the supermarket (not M&S either) twice since the New Year, and both times I only bought items on either Half Price or 3 for 2 specials. I painted my nails on 4th January, and they still look ok. I’m a bit behind on the old scrubbing and moisturizing of the blubber, but plan to do it tonight. And a spot of fake tanning I think too. I have been on a wee lunchtime walk every day so far, and have been drinking the two bottles of squash religiously. I’ve been eating at the table, and writing down everything I’m putting in my mouth and counting the calories. I’ve been making a coffee in the morning to take to work, and then having just a couple more during the day, but none after 4pm. The only stumbling block so far is that Boo and I have yet to make a date for our date. I live in hope.

It was the first big weekly weigh in this morning. I started trying to eat a healthier on 2nd Jan. One week later I weigh 4 lbs less than I did. Not bad I suppose. 4 lbs down, 4 stone to go.

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