25 January 2008

Best £15 you ever did spend

If ever you find yourself in Covent Garden of an evening, and have 15 quid in your pocket which you were about to waste on some old bag of old shite – get yourself to the Royal Opera House and ask for seat L46 or L47 in the Amphitheatre instead.

Myself and Lady Mileham were agog with wonder at the view, the building, the beauty of it all…Sylvia is, admittedly, complete and utter nonsense, but the quality of the dancing (that’s the Royal for you), the music (Delibes), the set and the costumes was superb. One of the most amazing Pas De Deux I have ever seen as well. Zenaida Yanowsky must have the longest legs in the world, and it was just such a privilege to watch an hour and a half of her graceful elegance for 16p a minute. 16p a minute?! I ask you.

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