26 July 2007

The Story So Far

Quite frankly the diet is a disaster.

I feel it's time I came clean just so no-one is under any illusion that behind the scenes I've still been counting those calories and avoiding the carbs.

What with the whole Fopp disaster, the frantic job hunt, and the £ situation - the last thing on my mind has been the cheap food I've been forced by circumstance to keep on eating. Although, obviously it's actually the first thing on my mind. Constantly.

But just so you know, I'll be starting The Diet again (I promise) when things have settled down in the bank account department - and I can yet again afford the fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Just when that will be is anyone's guess however. Given that I have yet to receive any money from those incompetent fools at the jobcentre + or indeed the Government department responsible for paying off all us poor old ex-Foppers who got shafted without pay....

Ho hum. Life (and weight it seems) goes on.

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Anonymous said...

Check this out, babe, you might find it interesting.


Big hugs