3 July 2007

Part 4 - Concentrate

So now the whole hideous death leap is over, I can concentrate on Getting A Job and Earning Some Money...

The whole "loose weight and stop drinking diet coke" plan is so on the back burner for now. I am eating like a wild beast. Eating all the wrong things. All the cheap things. When Mr Sainsbury prices a filling salad at the same cost as a loaf of sliced white, then I'll be able to get back on track. Until then, back off. I'm high on caffeine and carbs and ready to do battle with anyone who questions me.

The news updates about my ex-employer are funny. Neither funny ha-ha or funny peculiar to be honest. Just funny. And of course, shit.

As before, I have heard nothing from either Fopp or indeed Ernst & Young, although according to the various facebook groups set up in the past few days, all 700 staff were due to get a letter from them yesterday. Thank God for Scott's blog. Otherwise I'd know nothing.

Back to reed.com and the jobcentre for me.

Part 5 may very well see me down Kings Cross where I hear the going rate is about a fiver. That might pay my electric bill anyway.

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