3 July 2007

Part 3 - N A T A L I E

So, my friend David from the Big W came along. So did Nat and Karl. And Boo of course. And we sat and waited. And I had a wee. And waited some more. And 2.30pm came. And went. And I had another wee. And 3.30pm came. And went. And I had another wee. And then at about 4pm, I was literally pushed off a ledge 180 meters high into NOTHINGNESS, and I zipped along. And held my bladder. And screamed like a baby. And then it stopped. And I cried a little bit. And had my picture taken. And then went home. Via Pizza Express. And had two bottles of Blush and a couple of Gins and a large slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake with cream.

Thank you everyone who sponsored me at on justgiving website. So far we've raised £512.95 for the zipline (including giftaid). That's a total so far to date raised for Macmillan of £4621.55.

To actually see a video of me zipping (and indeed screaming), this youtube link should be ready to view tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. I can't believe you did that. Absolutely lost in admiration for you, girl!

SJP said...

Which of my lovely anonymous friends is this? xx

Anonymous said...

your courage / determination is unbelievable.
you wouldnt catch me doing that, very scary stuff, well done sara,
love you, josey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx