3 July 2009

So, 40 years ago we managed to get some American dudes to walk on the moon (allegedly). We can split atoms into tiny bits of fluff. We can expand technological wizardry to the extent that even my Mum now knows how to text. And yet... bus drivers apparently need a fucking electrician to turn off the fucking heating on the fucking buses when its 32 degrees outside and about 132 degrees inside, cause they haven’t been on a 12 weeks course to learn how to master the fucking OFF button yet. And... Even when we finally get air conditioning on the tube in 2010 the trains are too big and the tunnels to narrow and too deep on the Central line that it will still be like a fucking sauna down there… and I will still want to cry and cry and cry cause the journey is so fucking unbearable.

We can get microchips tiny enough to fit in pen nibs to take photos. We can get microchips tiny enough to store millions of megapixies of information on something the size of a postage stamp. But we can't work out how to put a fucking fan on the fucking ceiling of a fucking train – or, shock horror, have fucking windows that open!

I literally want to stab someone in the eye with a plastic fork. Anyone. I know! I’ll start with Bob Fucking Crow. Why? Cause he’s a cunt.

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Anonymous said...

Here's what TFL said when I wrote to them about the heating being on on buses when it is at least 20 degrees outside:

"Thank you for your email. I was concerned to learn of your experience in travelling on heated route 131 buses, and I am sorry for any discomfort caused as a consequence. I also apologise if you have found this to be an ongoing issue.

As you may be aware, we expect the heating to be turned off on buses during the summer months, as it is normally not required. It is disappointing that this is has not been your experience on separate occasions.

It is the garage engineers’ responsibility to ensure that the temperature on buses is set appropriately before the vehicles leave the garage. Our drivers are unable to turn off the heating mid journey. Having said this, drivers should ensure that all heating is turned off when leaving the garage on hot days.

The information you have supplied has been sent to London United, who operate route 131 for us. The London United management are in a position to liaise with the garage based engineers and remind them of the requirement to ensure that all buses have their heating turned off on warm days.

Thank you for your correspondence on this subject. Please feel free to contact me should you require further assistance".

A thorough response, but I'm not confident it will make any difference. Being that the sun comes up at 5am at this time of year, I don't understand why the heating is on at all. It has crossed my mind that the drivers do it on purpose because most people don't acknowledge their existence.