27 July 2009

It’s been a full on couple of weeks. To take you back – we last spoke after a rather nice Friday night at Sadler’s that The Mother and I enjoyed…

The next two days were a whirl of chores. A full on Spring Clean from top to bottom. There was laundry, bed linen changing, ironing, bathroom and kitchen scrubbing. Oh what joy!

My dear friend Nat sadly lost her dad after a long illness, so Friday afternoon I joined her at the wake. She was obviously devastated, but stayed strong for the rest of her family, and managed to look stunningly beautiful as well.

Friday night I joined my friend Lorrie and her fiancé to celebrate his 40th birthday….

Saturday we held a family picnic at the local park – I spent the morning baking a wealth of savoury and sweet lovelies, and even managed to cut up a fruit salad!

Sunday My Husband and I took The Niece off to Legoland for the day. Exhausting but fun, although without the 2 for 1 Adult ticket it would have been a shockingly expensive day….

Monday I received the painful news that my ex-boyfriend of some 15 years had passed away. We hadn’t spoken for nearly two years, and hadn’t been a part of one another’s lives for a long long time, but none the less the news knocked the stuffing out of me. I went to the church service on Friday morning, and am still reeling to be honest. It was heartbreaking, and whilst our relationship ended very badly, I will miss the memory of him dearly.

Friday evening, The Mother and I took ourselves off to the Coliseum to see the long awaiting Carlos Acosta & Guest Artists. I had been looking forward to seeing him, and his show for about 18 months – but wasn’t really in the right place to enjoy it. Carlos was breathtaking, but certainly not the highlight of the show for me.

Saturday saw us at Asda, and then home again for some chores and an afternoon nap. We watched The Secret Life of Bees and curled up on the sofa…

Then yesterday we went for a 20 mile bike ride, I had another nap on the sofa in the afternoon – and here we are, Monday morning again…

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