13 July 2009

Friday night The Mother and I took ourselves off to Sadler’s for a touch of Dorian Gray. Cripes, what a feast for the eyes and the loins. Sexy, scary, exquisite. Matthew Bourne and his New Adventures Company sure do know how to put on a show, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Continuing in the thriller mode, I finished Still Life over the weekend – a new book from New Work coming in paperback later on this year. Not quite as scary and horrific as The Crucifix Killer, but equally as tense and gripping - it tells the tale of beautiful, successful and happily married Casey who is the victim of a hit and run accident which breaks nearly every bone in her body and plunges her deep into a coma. She is left unable to speak or move, but hears perfectly well…and learns that the accident may not be as it first appears…cracking and well worth a read.

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