2 July 2009

If I used all my various digits and appendages, I could probably name all the books I’ve ever read (as an adult) that were outside of my chosen genre…and perhaps still have enough fingers to lick some raw chocolate cookie mixture off… (I digress).

I’ve dabbled in a bit of crime, a bit of award winning contemporary fiction… I’ve even (heaven help me) tried a touch of SciFi and Fantasy. But, if I was EVER to swap allegiance from all things pink and sparkly, it would be to the disturbing and troubling world of the Thriller.

This morning, on my extended journey to work (does anyone know what the fuck was going on with the Uxbridge Road today?) I finished one of New Works new books The Crucifix Killer - a thriller if ever I’ve seen one.

The book I finished on Sunday night before I started on Crucifix was the last one from Matt Dunn Ex-Girlfriends United which was fine. Fine and dandy. Fun, fine and dandy. Not spectacular, not ground breaking – but a good laugh, and a great Summer Read.

So Crucifix has been a right old shock to the system. Gruesome. Chilling. Tense. Tightly packed. Gripping. ..a Thriller in every sense.

If you wanted to get your hands on my proof copy, drop me a random comment below.

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