9 June 2009

I’ve said it before and I’m quite sure that after the next 48 hours I’ll say it again, but for the Love of God, who the hell is Bob Crow – and why on earth hasn’t someone in power managed to get rid of him before now?!

My astonishment at this latest strike action is two fold.

Firstly, how on earth can a body of people expect guaranteed 5% salary increases AND a guarantee that an employer will not have to make any compulsory redundancies in today’s fiscally turbulent times, when the world economy is on it’s knees and a recession deeper than that which followed the Second World War is taking place, is completely beyond me; especially given that the rest of us that are lucky enough to still have jobs, jump for joy every Friday afternoon that we’ve managed to last another week of getting paid at all …

I mean really, you really think that’s acceptable? Or fair? Or right? Or just? Like really?

And then the complete kick in the teeth to all those hundreds of thousands of people who have been made redundant over the past say 12 months who would literally lick the feet of The Man that could give them a job which gave them a salary of around £30k, free travel on the Tube, 35-40 days holiday a year, a uniform….it must make them sick to their stomach…

So, from 7pm tonight till 7pm on Thursday, London will yet again be a place of chaos, confusion, frustration, exhaustion and anger. Journey’s to and from work will be hideous, and everyone will have a tale to tell about this, the latest in a ridiculously long line of Tube Strikes….

Thankfully Boris is right on top of his game by laying on an extra 100 buses to cope with the 3.4 million people who should be using the tube. You go Boris, you genius you!

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