8 December 2008

It’s been a long old two weeks since I last posted…during that time Boo and I celebrated our anniversary with a lovely day off and an afternoon trip to the flicks to (finally) see Quantum of DooDar. I really enjoyed it, him not so much... and I do agree that a kiss on the back does not a sex scene make.

I met up with two of my bestest gentlemen friends from The Big W for some dirty dog burger dinner treats and some gay cruising observation on Old Compton Street. A good time was had by all – until we all had various degrees of dodgy belly, due to the dog burger…. never again I tell you.

I had my first fitting for The Dress. Cripes what fun. The tailor is actually having to take it in, yes, take it in around the hips and bust… the hips and bust I tell you, cause it’s too big. TOO BIG. Obviously, I never want to be told what size it started off at, but that’s by the by. We’ve gone for about a foot off the train, and a little satin shrug affair to hide the old bingo wing area, but other than that, not too shabby. Although the only comment made by The Mother was “Mmmm, it’s not the same as I remember”. Nice.

With 5 months to go till the Big Day, all the bits and bobs are fitting into place nicely. We’ve had a success on the suit front for Boo and the Brother-In-Law, with a nice three piece in charcoal that makes them both look simply yummy, and we are going to hire the colour coordinated cravats from a shop down in Worthing. I spent 4 hours wrapping up all the gifts we’ve bought for everyone – decorated in sparkles, feathers, ribbon and jewels – and then spent ½ hour checking with Boo that I hadn’t gone over the top… I’ve bought The Nieces dress online – a gorgeous white frufru creation with diamante’s and tulle, which is going to look gorgeous with the wings we got from fairylove for her to wear.

I had a rather teary farewell to my friend who is leaving Blighty for an extended round the world trip before going back home to NZ to live. We knocked back a couple of bottles of Rose, and I made her promise to take care. I will miss her awesome Body Pump strength and hope she gives up all this relocation malarkey, and comes back soon.

I met up with my big wig mate who is now a very large slice of cheese down Fulham Palace Road way for some sushi in Westfield. We had a potter round the shops and I chose my NEXT engagement ring from Tiffany’s. She’s always good value for money, and it was lovely to catch up.

Then this weekend Boo and I went to The Country for the weekend for an early Christmas with The Sister, Brother-in-Law and Niece. Being a smug cow from Smugfordshire, I’ve bought and wrapped all my gifts and written and posted all my cards – so am feeling very relaxed about Christmas this year. We’ve put a serious budget limit on the spending (trust me, this wedding won’t pay for itself let me tell you!), and have bought only things we know our friends and family want – so felt pretty confident exchanging gifts this weekend. We hadn’t banked on such a hefty sack coming our way though – and was a bit overwhelmed by all the great presents we got. None more so than our gorgeous new duvet, pillows and bed linen. We changed our old rubbish for our new stuff when we got back yesterday, and spend the whole night feeling like we were in a hotel! It’s thick and fluffy and cosy and fabulous, and I pity the poor overnight guests who come to Flat 3 and have to make do with our old cast-offs!

On the book front, I finished the manuscript that Big Director Lady gave me of an amazing debut novel we are planning on publishing in a couple of years I should think which is cracking – and am almost finished the brilliant new Adriani Trigiani coming out in May next year. The first person to leave me comment with a recipe for gorgonzola gnocchi can get their mitts on a proof copy….

On the work front. Crickey, we do live in fiscally turbulent times don’t we? Just think, if I’d followed up that job offer to work on an industrial estate in Hayes, I would be facing another Fopp Fiasco. That would be two crashes in two years – and I truly don’t think my nerves (or my bank balance) could take it all over again. That’s not to say of course, that all is quiet on this particular western front…. but only time will tell whether the head count misses my bonce. Cross your fingers for me please.

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