24 November 2008

Whichever book I read after Still Alice was going to have a bloody tricky job fulfilling me … unfortunately Who’s That Girl? by Alexandra Potter didn’t quite cut the mustard. All the “it was a dream” business didn’t work for me, despite being well written, funny and with a great lead character. Sorry.

However, on a much brighter note – the new one from Adriana Trigiani coming in May 2009 “Very Valentine” is turning into a right corker. I was introduced to Adriana by the most unlikely fan - ex Finance Controller, Tom Connor from The Big W; and Lucia, Lucia remains on my list of Favourite Books Ever to this date.

Very Valentine has started with, as ever; a brilliantly created extended Italian family, this time located in and around Greenwich Village. Valentine Roncalli works at the family Angelini Shoe Company with her beloved Grandma Teodora, making bespoke wedding shoes. She’s just found out that the company is in real financial trouble, and flashed at possible new neighbour – and devilishly handsome chef Roman Falconi whilst watering the tomato plants on the roof, naked! Am looking forward to snuggling down with this at the weekend, and will of course, let you know how I get on.

Sorry for the absence of any good posts recently. We’ve been in a bit of a sticky wicket at home to tell the truth. Lots of upset and angst, which seems to have finally resolved itself, thank Christ. We celebrate our anniversary tomorrow – 7 years together…and I love him more now than I ever thought possible. We will be spending the day together with a spot of nice lunch and a trip to the flix perhaps. We know how to live, let me tell you!

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