30 December 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Big Booey took me out for the day today (it's getting more like care in the community every day here...) We had a wander along the promenade, strolled down the longest pleasure pier in the whole wide world and had ourselves some fish & chips for our dinner.... the simple pleasures in life.

Tomorrow we are taking ourselves to B&Q. I mean, really, how much more excitement can one person take? The good news, and I mean, proper good news is that we went and got ourselves a new bath tap unit on Sunday - with a shower mixer bit built in - which Boo is going to fit on Friday when I'm back at work. That means that for the first time since I moved into SGR nearly a year ago, I will be able to wash my hair under running clean water instead of rinsing with a plastic measuring jug. You can not believe how much I am looking forward to this. Far more than any New Years Eve celebration fandango nonsense. We've had the "what are we doing tomorrow?" conversation. He said "nothing". I said "oh ok". He said "why, what are YOU doing?". Like I would be doing something that didn't involve him.... I mean, obviously I would love to do something. Something glamorous and fabulous. Something involving fancy wine, fancy food, a touch of dancing maybe, a gorgeous party frock with high heels, glossy hair, glossy lips... a casino maybe, a yacht, fireworks. Oh the possibilities would be endless if I was a different person with a different life. What I will be doing though no doubt involves a ponytail, no makeup, no contact lenses, jimjamjarmapegs, TV, diet coke and something out of the freezer. Shouldn't life in general be more exciting, more colourful, more ... something than this? Don't get me wrong now, I know I have a lot to be happy and content with. I know I'm very lucky blah bloody blah. I've got a roof over my head, food in the cupboards, enough money to pay the electric bill, a job to keep that money rolling in (touch wood, cross fingers etc etc), all my limbs, all my senses, some brain cells rattling around in my noggin... but you know, it's very, you know, blah isn't it? All this sort of same old same old stuff. Am I suffering with post Christmas blues? Do I have New Year stress syndrome? Am I getting myself in a tizzy for nothing, or for something? Answers on a postcard to Discombobulated Mansion, Cross Roads Avenue, Can't Be Arsed Town, Pissed Off and Grumpy.

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