25 September 2008

We are a week or so away from the “7 months till the wedding” date stamp. Cripes.

He was away again last night. I couldn’t get to sleep till gone 1.00am. It’s the second time he has slept elsewhere, since he moved in. Nothing sinister. He’s at his Mum’s – doing stuff. You would think, would you not, that I would have had a great couple of nights. Chilled on my own. Done my own thing. Had some space. But no. I miss him like crazy, the flat feels empty and lonely and quite frankly I’m miserable without him.

Yes, he is intensely annoying sometimes. He just never stops talking… He has his own, very special way, of doing things. As his Mum says, he’s particular. Everything has to be just so with him.

But he is so funny, and cute, and very sexy and lovely to look at. He does lots round the house. He can take care of himself, and doesn’t expect me to do all the “stuff”. He doesn’t talk with his mouth full.

I am a very lucky girl. I know this.

I got myself in a bit of a needy-please love me-I love you so much-tizzy at about midnight. I have a horrible feeling I might have begged him not to ever leave me.

That’s never a good side to show someone….I’m banking on him putting it down to my hormones.

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