19 September 2008

I am suffering today. I got a bit squiffy last night. When I say squiffy, I mean the waiter at one point refilled everyone else’s glass with champagne except mine and said “You may have had enough”. I rest my case. I saw my lovely friends Louise and Bernie together with their big cheese Hiawatha Editor, Jo. I still get a complete and total kick out of the fact that I can say they are my friends. If I was my friend I would be so jealous of me and my celebrity author friends. So jealous I might cry a bit actually. Sometimes life really is just great isn’t it?

Other news to report - we’ve gone all fancy-pants at New Work. We moved into our sparkly new offices on Monday, and now have the following which we never did have before:
Actual real carpet not carpet tiles
Purpose built book cases not “shed” shelves
A swanky new reception area, bigger than any reception you ever did see in your life
A “breakout” area – otherwise known as four table and chair sets in our new kitchen.
We have a feature wall in lime green.
We all have matching (white) desks
We have new desk privacy screens the height of an A3 box file
We have more meeting rooms than you can shake a stick at
We all have matching desk chairs
New rubbish bins
A “Hub”
A Café 180 greasy spoon down the road

What we do not have is:
Natural light
A shower
Offices for half the big cheeses that had them before
Anywhere to hide
A supermarket over the road
A Boots over the road
A newsagents next door
A post office
A bank
A Starbucks
An Eat
A Costa
A Nero
A Krispy Kreme
A Superdrug
A New Look

I now have an extra stop and a 15 minute walk from the station to our swanky new pad. It could be worse. I could be unemployed.

Lastly, I finished my next sneaky-don’t-tell-Boo shopping spree book last week. As a starting point, I have to reiterate how much I love Jenny Colgan and always have. And how much I’m looking forward to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” which is coming in January 2009. And I really hope that I can skirt over and around the fact that Operation Sunshine didn’t rock my world without anyone ever holding it against me. I know I’m getting old(er), and perhaps less chick, but, oh blimey! Obviously people far more knowledgeable than I have really enjoyed it, and raved about it in all the reviews – so I know it might only be my humble opinion – but I just felt it never got it’s groove on and I feel I know no more about the central character Evie now, than I did when I opened the book for the first time.

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