10 September 2008

Let Down Larry

Back in November I got myself all excited by this news.

Can I just say, what a load of rubbish. Like REALLY?! That’s really the best you could do. Like really? I saw it on DVD at the weekend, and I am still really really angry.

The whole booking the holiday scene didn’t even frigging appear. My bestest, most sweetest, saddest, heart breaking scene didn’t even appear, unless you count the travel agent lady moving a box of tissues on her desk. Fuck a fucking duck.

I am SO very VERY disappointed. But thank Christ I'm not the author of the book. If I was Cecelia Ahern, I would be suing everyone associated with this mockery of a shame, of a shame of a mockery. The scriptwriter, the producer, the director, the casting agent... every last MoFo. That is of course, after I have picked myself up from the floor where I had been crying my eyes out for 6 months.

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Leigh said...

Film not as good as the book, huh?
Same old story: quick fix junkies - they're all the bloody same.
Never mind. It might get a remake one day. Might even get a six-part dramatisation. You never know.

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