20 September 2008


It's been a rather quiet day here in Olde Hanwell. We went to the Post Office. We did our big shop at Asda. We changed the bed. We did a couple of loads of laundry. He hoovered. I dusted. There was some tidying up, and some putting away. I made some fairy cakes. He made dinner. He is next to me now on the sofa watching Match of the Day. Arsenal won. Thank Christ. I have been ripping out recipes I want to keep, but will probably never try out, from the pile of glossy mags that live next to the sofa... Life is certainly full and fun.

So I was sitting here. Deciding whether to paint my toe nails. Do myself a face mask. Do nothing.

When I thought, I know I'll check my email, see where we are in the aol fantasy football league, have a quick surf. And I ended up here. At my blog. And I thought, you know what, a change is as good as a rest. So what do you think? Like it?

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