6 October 2010

Things Wot I Like...Part 1.

Card Factory. Oh Shut Up! I know, I know, it's chav city, but in today's fiscally turbulent times, who can argue with 7 pretty decent greetings cards for £1. That barely covers a Happy Meal these days, so what's not to like?

M&S Iced Spiced buns. You can either buy a single bun. Or a pack of two - one for now, one for later. Guess which pack I buy? Go on, guess!

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. A beautiful finish on the paperback, and a continuation of the Team Ahern branding makes for a great package. Another magical, slightly bizarre story - after spoilt and stroppy Tamara Goodwin discovers her father dead on the floor on his study, her life falls apart. Forced to move from her huge fancy mansion to her aunt and uncle's gatehouse cottage in the country things start getting weirder and weirder when... actually, no, I'm going to leave it there. It's all rather strange, but ultimately rather fabulous, so grab a copy from Amazon today, on special offer at £3.99. Bargain.

The new series of The Apprentice, tonight 9pm on BBC1. Can. Not. Wait. To. Ridicule.

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