13 October 2010

The Beach Hut

My only criticism of The Beach Hut is that, given my rather goldfish like brain these days, I thought there were perhaps just one or two too many characters to keep track of. Now, I know that each character was absolutely beautifully written, lots of back story, well rounded, you know, everything you want from your main players – but – I did kind of struggle to keep on top of it. Other than that – it's gorgeous. You really feel a nostalgic sense of the Great British Seaside, sandcastles, Fab lollies, almost but not quite, ginger beer and cucumber sandwiches. But the story has much more. Teenage angst. Unrequited love. A funeral. Infidelity. A wedding. Adoption. Redundancy. You’ve got everything you could ever want in there. Some happy endings, some rather sad endings, some hopeful endings, and actually - a few stories that didn't have a full stop at the end of them at all, which I found quite intriguing. I’ve loved Veronica since Love on the Rocks back in 2006, but I think I might have missed Just a Family Affair and Marriage and Other Games in a haze of other books on my reading list…so will be updating my amazon wish list immediately.

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