8 October 2010


We are having a clear out.

As such I have a box full to bursting point of gorgeous new books that I'm going to bundle up together and offer out. To you.

Each bundle (of which there are 7) will have a hardback Jackie Collins and then a couple of paperbacks... you might get a Colette Caddle, Milly Johnson and Jennifer Weiner. It might be an Adriana Trigiani, Paige Toon and Jane Costello...it's that random, even I don't know yet.

And if your name (or the name of a close friend who's deserves a personally signed copy of a book) is Diane, then you (or they) are in for a rather marvellous treat!

So, what do you have to do?

Not much actually, just pop an email to comps@simonandschuster.co.uk with the words FAT GIRL ON THE RUN BUNDLES in the header. The seven winners will be chosen at random from all entries, competition open to UK residents only please. You have till noon Friday 22nd October to enter. Go on, treat yourself.

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